FERRARI 488 Challenge EVO

An evolution of performance and driving pleasure




Max power

760 nm

Maximum Torque


Total displacement


One of the key features at the core of ‘weareonthemission’ is the desire to push the boundaries and creating unforgettable moments with long lasting memories. We are always trying to create the ultimate exclusive experience with everything we do. Without doubt, Ferrari is one of the most iconic brands in car racing and to achieve our goal we have deployed two Ferrari’s 488 Challenge Evo’s to create an ultimate racing experience. You can see both cars during the Ferrari Club Challenge, but if you have ever wanted to drive a Ferrari race car around the circuit, the cars are also available to offer to you the ultimate ‘Racemission‘ racing experience. You have the possibility to drive your self together with one of our coaches, or can book a Taxi drive to drive with one of our experienced drivers.

Drive yourself and Taxi drive is subject to availability. 



Depending on the availability of the circuits, we offer an all in one solution to learn and drive on track with one of our coaches. You can drive either with 1 or 2 persons per car per day. Spa Francorchamps (BE) and Paul Ricard Le Castellet (FR) are the home bases but it is also possible to drive at an exclusive track day on a circuit in another country..

Your track-day includes:

  • Luxury track-days in our cars.
  • 1 or 2 clients per car per day
  • Racing ‘look and feel’: Race truck with lounge, personalized locker, helmet and car for each Client, branded cars, driving suits and gloves, cars serviced by dedicated mechanics, car racing pit atmosphere, laps data review on iPads.
  • Personal Instructor in the car.
  • On-site professional Racing Simulator.
  • Gift set at the end of the day.
  • Top catering and champagne at the end of the day.
  • Transportation from/to the airport (Supplemental chargeable)
  • Near-track Accommodation (Supplemental chargeable)


Exclusive track days 2024: 

26-3-2024: Spa Francorchamps

23-4-2024: Spa Francorchamps

3-7-2024: Spa Francorchamps

14-8-2024: Spa Francorchamps

18-9-2024: Spa Francorchamps

8-10-2024: Paul Ricard


Taxi drive:

You will drive with one of our experienced drivers or coaches and will drive 3 laps around the circuit to experience the sensation of a Ferarri race car. During the ride you will have a radio communication with the driver who will give you his interpretation along the ride. You will do an out-lap with lower speed to get used and to warm up the car and tires. During the 2nd lap the speed will be increased and an attempt is made to drive the fastest lap of the session. The 3rd lap will be an in-lap to cool down the car and brakes. If you want to drive more fast laps, thats possible and you can order the exact amount of laps you like to drive.

Taxi drive is subject to availability.


Drive Yourselve:

If you are an experienced driver it is possible to rent the cars to drive yourself during exclusive trackways with one of our coaches.  You can rent the cars to drive for a day (8 hours), half a day (4 hours) or an evening session (2 hours). 

Any booking to drive your self on an exclusive track day implies the deposit of an amount of € 15,000.00 to cover the Insurance Excess. The amount should be in our possession the latest the day before the exclusive trackway.  At the end of the track day if there is no damage to the car, the amount will be given back to you within 1 work day. If there are damages to the car, the insurance Excess amount paid, will be frozen until an independent expert assesses the costs of the damage (usually takes about 1 week) If the amount of the damages is higher than the paid excess, the corresponding amount will be kept in full.


D2P academy:

When attending the exclsuive track-day events, you may choose to enroll in the D2P (Driver to Pilot) academy. This is a driving program designed by professional instructors and aiming to improve your track driving skills. You will be trained more intensively on track and assessed independently by professional licensed instructors. If you want to reach a racing license you have the possibility to book a 5 day track pack to be trained specifically to achieve your goal. You will get your own personalized D2P driving suit, helmet, shoes and gloves and your first license exam fees will be paid for.

Drive yourself is subject to availability.



Taxi drive:

€ 350,00 ex vat for 3 laps

€ 100,00 ex vat for an extra lap

Drive yourself car rent;

Starting from € 4,900,00 ex vat for 2 hours. (Price is depending on circuit and track day organizer)


€ 400,00 ex vat for 2 hours

Drive your self and Taxi drive is subject to availability.


A driving event of pure adrenaline with a 488 Challenge Evo on some of the most legendary circuits in all Europe. More than a traditional racing competition, the Passione Ferrari Club Challenge focusses on the clock, allowing drivers to measure and beat their personal best laptime. The 2024 season visits the circuits you see below. If you might be interested in racing the Ferrari Club Challenge we can help you and assist.

6 • May • 2024

3 • June • 2024

24 • June • 2024

8 • July • 2024

29 • July • 2024

9 • September • 2024





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